Updated 101 things about me!

12.07.2004 at 1:48 p.m.

I planned on "redoing" my entire "101 things about me" page, because it has gotten really outdated - and then I realized just how much darn work that took me, and how much more it would take to do it all over again! So, instead, here is what I could think of to add... and some might even repeat - I didn't even make it to 20 things!!

The original "101 things" can be found here.

1. I am a stay at home Mom, and love every second of it - even the hard ones.

2. I have two children... my daughter is currently 2 years and almost 3 months old, and my son turned 1 the day before Thanksgiving.

3. I would like at least one more child... but not just yet, I am enjoying the two I have for now.

4. I feel like I live in a farm a lot of the time: I have 3 cats - Pepper, Jeter, and Skittles... Skittles is deaf. And I have 2 dogs - Cooper (a little mutt) and Neo. Neo is a German Shepard, and I really can't even claim him as mine, he is my baby girl's dog, they are nearly attached at the hip!

5. We moved to Naperville, IL in June 2004. I absolutely love it here. However we own a home in New York, and if I could not live here, New York would be my first choice.

6. My husband's name is Andrew, and his diary is here. His political diary is here.

7. My family means everything to me. Without them, I would be completely lost.

8. I grew up in the south, in Houston, TX and Mobile, AL. But I adore the north. The environment, the seasons... Though I know things happen (we nearly found ourselves moving to Florida recently) I hope to live and raise my family in the North, whether Illinois, or New York, or anywhere in New England.

9. In the past, I have considered myself not religious at all... even "anti-religion." Though my thoughts on Christianity have not changed at all - at least for the better... I have just very recently opened myself up to a much more "spiritual" path. You can find that journey here.

10. There are many, many good things in my life, every day. However, I tend to find myself writing about the negative more often than the positive.

11. When I began this diary, it was, in a sense, therapy for me - to help me deal with my husband's infidelity.

12. The strength of my marriage has increased a hundred fold since that day. Though there have been some very low "low's" - currently, we are very close to one another.

13. I am sure we have not passed every bump in the road, but overall, with everything we have been through, I am quite sure we can make it through anything we might face in the future, as a family.

14. I love fog. Especially at night, but even during the day, if it's thick enough.

15. I also really love snow - much more than I love fog. I feel if it is going to be ridiculously cold, it should at least make it worth it and snow.

16. I am completely addicted to LOST. I also love Survivor, and I used to adore Buffy. (Now it's off the air.)

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