A "first"

02.10.2007 at 8:10 p.m.

WARNING: This is not an entry for those with a weak stomach............

Yesterday was such an odd day. Every so often a day just throws you surprise after surprise. Yesterday - was that day for me.

The morning started innocently enough. Got up, showered, went to the Chiropractor, dropped my baby girl off at school. (Her last day at her old school - our new, intense schedule starts next week... but that is NOT where I am going with this entry...) When I got home, everything was normal enough - right up until my husband left for work.

My son got very upset I pulled him away from the door when I did. He has had issues throwing things recently - but that was not even something I was thinking about as I walked back to the living room, with him in my arms, a full juice in his hands. Then the blinding pain hit. (Have I mentioned how strong he is?)

He had thrown his juice at me - connecting with my left eye/temple. I knew right away he had gotten me good. But first I had to yell at him. And I cried - yes, I just plain cried. He caught me so off guard, and it hurt so much... anyway - I went to the mirror. And there, it was. Like a growth coming off my eyebrow. A huge pink welt. I put ice on it - which got some of the swelling down... (today, it just looks horrible, there is a big red/blue/purple spot at the end of my eyebrow. Every time I don't think about it, and I touch my face - I see stars!)

Anyway - that was all before noon. And I didn't get any sleep, until 2 pm today.

There was this moment, that I knew, as a parent, would one day happen. And I knew I had been darn lucky to make it FOUR years without having this moment. Last night, time was up.

The children were in bed... and my relaxing Friday night had commenced... right to the moment that, my husband and I, sitting on the couches in the den, heard my daughter start to cough. There was this silent moment of debate between us, and I went to go check on her. And saw a sight I had up to that moment avoided. My poor baby girl, was throwing up. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. It was coming out of her mouth, and her nose... and had totaled her bed, and every stuffed item on it.

So, I brought the poor baby out to the den, pulled her clothes off her, and wrapped her up in a comforter with my husband while I went to get everything from her bed to wash. I had reached the point of almost having it all under control, when it became apparent this was not a one time throw up. She threw up again, all over the comforter, and - my poor husband.

We had just recovered from THAT - and I had her leaning against me on the couch (bucket in hand) when my SON cried out. My husband went to get him, and he needed to pee - so, he went to the bathroom right next to where I was in the den. As my husband is standing in there with him... I hear the sounds of my baby boy peeing... and then - the gag and splash. And more splashing....... well - at least his was landing IN the potty. My poor husband totally hit "panic!" He doesn't know what to do when things like this happen... so, HE called out for my mother, in total desperation. Moments like this it becomes very helpful to have my mother a shout away. She took over with Jillian... while I went and tended to the major mess in the bathroom. (It was EVERYWHERE in there.) And my poor little guy... he was the most upset, because he threw up on his pee. (He is very proud of peeing in the potty.) And my husband... he cooks, he cleans, he does laundry, he is amazing in so many ways... but cleaning up bodily fluid accidents, is not his forte.

I had two babies - repetitively throwing up. It was official... we were having a party!!!!!!!!! Last night I spent laying next to my baby boy on the den floor, and my mother had Jillian snuggling her on the couch. I did not sleep at all. Puke, clean, wash hands, puke clean, puke, wash hands, puke, clean, wash hands & scrub to elbows, puke, clean........... all. night. long.

It was a LONG night. But - we made it through!

NOW they have pretty intense fevers, but at least the "leaking" has stopped. And I feel initiated into a part of mommy-hood I had miraculously avoided.

My husband was able to let me get a nap this afternoon... which really helped. My poor babies... they were so miserable. But at least the worst has passed now.

At the start of the night, my husband snapped this picture... my poor, poor babies!

And I was just informed "round 2 might be starting" - think good thoughts for me tonight! (My little guy is having a tummy issue... I hope it is only a momentary thing.)

My eye hurts...........

Heard in my house: Mommy, I'm puking out of my butt............!!!!!

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