12.31.2004 at 10:27 a.m.

I think it is appalling that a reason for me to write an entry of this nature has even come up... but I suppose it is just a sad fact of life... I put my heart into my writing... some moron would come along and think they had the "right" to use my words against those I love... mainly my husband.

If I sound disgusted... I am. In recent days, my husband spoke his mind to a friend of mine... she didn't like what he had to say, and they had a bit of an argument. I thought the issue was over - it was done and nothing more was going to come of it.

In a childish turn of events, yet another person decided to stick their nose into something that was indeed none of their business... (because of their dislike of my husband) and had the audacity to use reference to things I have said in MY personal journal against my husband... even though this person does not even bother to READ everything I write.

I am simply very disappointed that this nonsense did not end 2 days ago.

That said... what I write, I write for ME. I write because it helps me work through things... therefore what I write is not always good... in fact it tends to stay on the negative side of things because, even though PLENTY of good happens in my life, the things I need to "work through" are generally the BAD things. I expect this is making sense.

With that said... someone has already expressed all this in a perfect way, hopefully she will not mind my borrowing her words for my own purposes...

"Point is, what I share here is what I choose to share here. Because that isn't a whole helluva lot, anyone with the audacity to pass a judgment in the first place would be passing one based on incomplete information, and therefore would be easily cast into the role of ignorant braying jackass.

I think that's something we should all keep in mind when we read these diaries. When we read someone else's words, we're reading what they choose to reveal. I don't think there's a diarist out there who reveals everything, whether a diary is open or locked. (I sure don't. Not anywhere.) And even if someone writes tomes, it's never the complete picture because it's still only that one person's perspective. (That's not to say that it's not good to be a friendly shoulder to lean on or to offer support, though.)

It's certainly not up to anyone else to decide what each writer's boundaries are in what he or she chooses to reveal and how he or she chooses to reveal it, either."

Now, I would hope from this point forward... anyone who reads this diary would consider all this, before they wrongfully, and ignorantly attempt to slander my husband with MY words. Whether it is simply because you disagree with his political views, or branded him a "wife beater" which he is not. Remember, you only get a portion of the story here.

Thanks for listening to me bitch... I feel much better now.

My intent with this entry is *NOT* to make any enemies... hopefully everyone will see that... if you don't - phooey on you anyway. Do NOT drag me into shit when I was happily minding myself no where near your corner of cyberspace.

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